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The Skittles Meme


Weird never has been so much fun. I just love the Skittles’ ads, irreverent & fun. If skittles were a living organism, I would definitely hang around with him/her/sheep (during the day). We would probably go to the library and hide skittles in every history book, specially the boring parts, like drinking a Gatorade during a marathon.

I’ve been following those ads since they became weird. I feel they get my humor. Although I don’t buy Skittles very often (any candy, for that matter), when I do, I do feel a bit crazy. Those crazy-rainbow-pills definitely make me smile when I see them. Now skittles.com has turned into a colorful blog where Mr., Ms. or Sheep Skittles posts juxtapositions of powerful images being dethroned by ridicule. The rainbow appears in each of them as an actual ray of colors or the product itself. After a while you won’t remember which one had which one.

I believe this format can be easily replicated and become a fun meme. You just need a bit of Photoshop skittles.com skills and you’re good to go.

Here’s my take on the skittles meme.

The Skittles Chair

The Alter Machine by Grupo W (it’s all on the details)

Grupo W had been working on an very visual project called the Alter Machine (find out what’s your alter ego in the car world) and it’s finally out. This campaign was developed by Ivan Gonzalez, Guillermo Bernal, Daniel Granatta from the creative department, many more worked on the production (don’t have the exact credits). After watching this campaign I was reminded of the importance of turning an ad into an experience. Once you have the idea it’s easy to make the steps that the target will have to follow to understand your message. But filling the gaps is what makes the difference between just an ad and an experience.

The internet gave us the media to experience a situation inside the internet with your monitor as your eyes, your speakers as ears, your microphone as your mouth and the mouse and keyboard as your touch. If used correctly the user can get to “live something” instead of  just “see something”.

Back to the campaign. Watch carefully for each detail while traveling from question to question. At first glance it might seem  just a transition, but without them, the experience is just a questionnaire. The music, the visuals, the questions; they are all a great set up for the ending. It’s all on the details. I love details.

You can check out the campaign at http://www.altermachine.com/

Grupo W at http://www.grupow.com

Guillermo Bernal at http://twitter.com/Panteritabernal

Daniel Granatta at http://twitter.com/DaniGranatta

Ivan…Dude, where’s your twitter? 😉