Lytro – Light Field Sensor

So a couple of months ago I thought we were living in the future, but that’s all in the past.

Introducing Lytro with a new sensor called a “Light Field Sensor” that allows you to focus or change perspective after the pic has been taken.

I believe after this sensor is launched all flat 2D regular RBG sensors are going to be wiped out.

Article on TechCrunch

Lytro’s main site


Microsoft Kinect Hacks

Kinect just launched a couple of days ago and just after three hours a video had been posted on of an open source driver hack to play around with it’s depth/RGB camera.

You can get the driver here.

Then, couple of days later a guy merges the power of both cameras to make a 3D video capture.

Using depth and RGB combined now he can measure the real world in the virtual world.

Adding instant augmented reality without any code printing, amazing!

Get marcan42’s code here.

How Kinect works: Kinect with nightshot.

Compilation of all videos click here.

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