Kinect Hacks

OpenKinect Wiki here

How Kinect works: Kinect with nightshot.

Kinect just launched a couple of days ago and just after three hours a video had been posted on of an open source driver hack to play around with it’s depth/RGB camera.

You can get the driver here.

Then, couple of days later a guy merges the power of both cameras to make a 3D video capture.

Kinect head tracking.

Using depth and RGB combined now he can measure the real world in the virtual world.

Adding instant augmented reality without any code printing, amazing!

Get marcan42’s code here.

3D paint.

Another 3D paint (with Physics)

Sneaky Ghost

Interactive Live Puppet

Kinect and Christmas Lights

Fat Cat from

Kinect hacked mouse

Play Classical Chinese Music

Kinect Controlled Miku Hatsune

Minority Report WIN!

Kinect Virtual Piano

Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite

Princess Leia Holographic TV

Much More at

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