Lytro – Light Field Sensor

So a couple of months ago I thought we were living in the future, but that’s all in the past.

Introducing Lytro with a new sensor called a “Light Field Sensor” that allows you to focus or change perspective after the pic has been taken.

I believe after this sensor is launched all flat 2D regular RBG sensors are going to be wiped out.

Article on TechCrunch

Lytro’s main site


CouchSurfing – Japan Crisis Housing

I’ve used CouchSurfing for a while now and think it’s an amazing service. Now with the tragedy in Japan they setup a group to host people all around the globe. Here’s the link, please spred the word.

Donate via RedCross

World Lens : Welcome to the Future

Ok, so my mind has just been blown into a million pieces. It’s one of those moments that you realize you are living in the freaking future. Remember those things we called flying cars? Well, they are now called airplanes. And what about that virtual personal assistant who’s only job is to make your life easier? Well, this is it’s language area of the brain turned app.

It’s called World Lens and not only translates what it sees through the cam in real-time, but manages to respect the design of the piece you are translating. Do you feel your mind getting blown? Well, in the future minds get blown without any tissue damage. Here ya go:

Via Reddit, via