Comedy Theory/Teoría de la Comedia

Comedy happens when a thing, person or situation, with too much or too little power, regain its balance.

A great example of loss of power:

La comedia sucede cuando cosas, personas o situaciones, con demasiado o muy poco poder, regresan al equilibrio.

Un tremendo ejemplo de la pérdida de poder:


My ‘Hello, Future’ Music Video Submission.

Flower Screenshot

There’s this neat contest at Vimeo, where you get to download a couple of Moby songs and submit a video for one of them. I’ve been playing around with particle systems for a while and recently started using Timeline for Processing which let me sync the system to the music. Please show some love with the video’s like button.

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Real Time Santa

A while ago I was playing with AS3 and thought it would be a cool idea to create a Santa Claus that could react in real time to your Christmas list. After a couple of coding I got running a nice beta version that looks like this:

[vimeo 8588272 w=600]

More programming and robotics projects in the Experiments > Engineering section of this blog.

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