Hombre Oposición

Dirección Creativa

While working in different agencies I started noticing that, when the Creative Direction doesn’t provide enough feedback, creatives start holding back their wild ideas and shape their thinking towards something the CD will like. Those ideas being held back are the true gold of advertising, they provide a unique perspective that only that individual can give to the team. When this starts happening (or already happened), putting pressure on the creative to go back to that shameless state won’t help, and in fact, will push them further back.

As a way to create a painless path to loosen up the team, a simple dynamic was created: A Sketch Club. The club’s main objective was to make the rest of the team laugh and this had to be done in a space where they had full control. This gave them complete responsibility on the quality of the things they presented, an arena to explore their wildest ideas and instant feedback on what they had created.

Every Friday of the week, the club used to gather for a table-read of their sketches. When someone got a laugh, the direction was to understand what had worked of their idea and explore it further for the next week. The following are two examples that were produced with the help of Art Directors (also involved in the club). When someone gets to see how well they can do without censorship, a path for growth is traced and real change takes place.


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